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A bi-weekly podcast about how stationery touches to the everyday lives of two people on opposite sides of the Earth.

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    14. I've Never Tried a Platinum Broad

    This week, Yvgenii tries poorly to pronounce the name of Urban’s new pen, the guys talk about nib inconsistency, and a discussion about a notebook kickstarter devolves into a ‘heavy’ conversation.

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    13. I Need to Step up My Coffee Game

    This week, Urban and Yvgenii break even on stationery acquisitions. Urban melds an old nib on a new pen, and Yvgenii caved in to a custom pen on instagram.

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    12. No More Daily Notebook Grind

    This week, the guys talk Germany exclusive ink. Urban acquired some PenBBS pens. Yvgenii has USPS woes. Urban switches notebooks, and the guys talk about Yvgenii’s evil plans for Phil.

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    11. A Pencil With a Cap?

    Urban is back from a temporary hiatus and in one piece as he and Yvgenii talk about some late season gifting, Sailor pens, and paper. Also, kids, don’t try to give yourself a papercut with Tomoe River Paper.

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    10. Pen-abling Philly Style

    This week, Jim drops by while Urban is resting from a carport incident. The guys talk about Jim's experience at the Philly Pen Show and dive into what they look for in some of their pen choices.

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    9. Stepping Up the Acquisition Game

    This week, Urban and Yvgenii talk about their stationery goals and resolutions for 2019, and talk about their plans around FPC.INK and The Inked Well.

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    8. What Are Those Threads For?

    This week, Urban bought a pen tray, Yvgenii forgets how converters work, the guys discuss new pen acquisitions, and they ponder the build quality on the Esterbrook Phaeton 300R.

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    7. Only 100 Inks to Go.

    This week, Urban jumps down the Pelikan Rabbit Hole, Yvgenii picked up some interesting Chinese pens, and they both ponder their ink collections and the new alchemy set from Pineider.

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    6. 50 Pens is Never too Many

    This week, the guys talk about new pens, slimming down their collections, #EmptyInkBottle2018, Pelikan nib differences and regional cost differences.

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    5. Yvgenii Does Not Explore Pencils

    This week, Urban didn’t get any new pens, but he finally used that Kaweco Student. Yvgenii finds out that pencils are an avenue best left to other people, and the guys talk best and worst of the pocket pens that they’ve used.

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