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A bi-weekly podcast about how stationery touches to the everyday lives of two people on opposite sides of the Earth.

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    6. 50 Pens is Never too Many

    This week, the guys talk about new pens, slimming down their collections, #EmptyInkBottle2018, Pelikan nib differences and regional cost differences.

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    5. Yvgenii Does Not Explore Pencils

    This week, Urban didn’t get any new pens, but he finally used that Kaweco Student. Yvgenii finds out that pencils are an avenue best left to other people, and the guys talk best and worst of the pocket pens that they’ve used.

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    4. Fude Music

    Urban has gone shopping and come up with 8 new pens, including a music fude nib that Yvgenii just can’t get over. Also, a notebook gets redemption and the guys talk numbers from FPC.INK.

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    3. New Pen Day

    This week, Urban has acquired more Kaco Retros, Yvgenii drools over his new Nakaya, Urban updated FPC Ink, and the guys get distracted by Nibs and Chinese Pens.

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    2. The Shopping Continues

    This week, the guys talk about new pen acquisitions, interesting inks from Straits Pens, pronunciation, and programming.

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    1. Cycling the Collection

    Join Urban and Yvgenii while they start a new stationery podcast endeavor by talking about recent pen sales and purchases. They also talk about what Yvgenii has been up to since BYOB and what Urban does when he’s not making ink websites.